Arbury & Kingshedges

I’ve been commissioned by Kettle’s Yard to make a photography project in collaboration with young people from the Arbury & Kingshedges area. It’s not an area I know at all. It’s in Cambridge but most tourists will probably never visit it. I’ve now visited the estate several times, once to meet the group and so far three times to photograph and explore myself. Each time I’ve been really struck by how quiet it is. I rarely see a soul yet […]

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At Home with Morris

I never expected to exhibit this series of work, or even imagined that it would be seen publicly. I started thinking about photographing homes with William Morris interiors when attending meetings of the Friends of the William Morris Gallery. Every month the group would meet in different committee members homes; each month would be a similarly amazing interior – each with their own particular take on Morris style, personalising it to tastes. It started me thinking about many things; taste, […]

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The Lowry

Centre Stage is a new commission and exhibition from The Lowry, Salford. Working in and around Salford and Manchester has been such a fantastic experience. People have been incredibly friendly and open to me photographing them, and I’ve been privileged to meet some amazing people. The commission brief was to capture the audience of The Lowry and celebrate them – without the audience, the centre would not of course exist. The Lowry is pretty vast – it comprises theatre spaces, gallery spaces, […]

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National Portrait Gallery

In July 2012 my work was included in The Road to 2012 at the National Portrait Gallery. It was a three year commission started in 2009. Each year I would find and document local sports and community groups within the five Olympic borough. Inspiring, moving and sometimes eccentric, the groups included horse riding in Waltham Forest, sailing in Tower Hamlets, homeless charities, residential homes and gardening groups – mainly volunteer-led, they all help to make our boroughs better places to […]

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Edwin Bowey, 1948 Olympic Wrestler

1948 Olympians

What a summer 2012 was! For over six years, I’d rather slowly been documenting some of the remaining members of the 1948 British Olympic team. The project started in around 2006 or 2007 when I was commissioned by London Borough of Waltham Forest to photograph people with memories of the last London Olympics. Through this project I heard that there had been a very famous swimmer from the borough who’d taken part in the Olympics that year. I pursued this […]

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Narrow Boats

I love Walthamstow Marshes, I feel so lucky to live near them. Once when I was about nine, my Mum took us on holiday from Tottenham to Hertford – whilst most friends were off to Spain, getting off the tube at Tottenham wasn’t what I would have wished for at the time, but it’s certainly a holiday that stayed with me. At that time we cycled a small distance each day, then camped, I can’t remember how long it took, […]

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Taking Part

As part of photography collective, Image17, Katherine documented community sports groups in Waltham Forest in the run up to London 2012. The project was commissioned by London Borough of Waltham Forest. During 2012 the Taking Part exhibition toured sports, community and Council venues around the Borough. Katherine has spent time recording Country Amatuer Boxing Club, Leyton. Run by Jeffrey Clarke since the 1980s, Jeffrey and a groups of dedicated volunteer support staff, promote health and improve self confidence with all ages. The club also […]

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Changing Lives

Hackney Council for Voluntary Services commissioned me to create a visual, written and oral record of the work of 12 of Hackney’s voluntary and community sector (VCS) groups. It was such a moving project to do, the voluntary groups that I met in Hackney were amazing – they exist on next to nothing and make a huge impact and difference to so many people’s lives.

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Wood Street, E17

Wood Streeet, E17 is a portrait of one street, it’s shops and shop owners, as it struggles for survival. The project resulted in two solo exhibitions of photographys and oral histories, and a self published book available from The Photographers Gallery.

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John, President


An ongoing project with 12 other photographers, called Image17,  based in Waltham Forest, London. We’ve been working collectively to document and record how people spent their leisure time in the 21st century. This work was exhibited as part of E17 Art Trail 2009 and at 320 Gallery, Bethnal Green.

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