Clifton, Bethany Wilkins

Woman with crafts laid out in front of her

Bethany has been volunteering since she was 11 years old. At 16 she began volunteering on a scheme to feed the homeless in Nottingham. At Christmas, she rallies the whole of Clifton via social media, and collects over 100 presents for Nottingham’s homeless. She recently tried to set up a baby bank scheme, where people donated toys and clothes, but found that she received so many donations, she didn’t have the space to store it all. She is continually coming up with new ideas to help other people (too many to list here); in 2014 she set up a craft business, Sewn Creationz, making hair accessories and donates some proceeds to charity. “I’ve always liked helping people” she says “I’m always surprised by people’s generosity”.

Sewn Creationz

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