Cul de Sacs & Dead Ends

Today I drove around Arbury & Kingshedges again. Not knowing the area I just drove rather randomly exploring different streets.

Every direction I take seems to end in a dead end, it’s really disorientating. They’re all quite different, there doesn’t seem to be a pattern to them so I must look up on a map if there’s any sense of order from a bird eye view.

Cul de Sacs were introduced into the UK with a change in the Hampstead Garden Suburbs Act of 1906 in order that they could be included in plans for new garden suburbs, such as Welwyn Garden City. They are primarily designed to limit through traffic and prioritise pedestrian traffic instead. Definitely something to be researched further.

My photos are all looking slightly on a jaunty angle – so I must take my tripod next time!


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