Narrow Boats

I love Walthamstow Marshes, I feel so lucky to live near them.

Once when I was about nine, my Mum took us on holiday from Tottenham to Hertford – whilst most friends were off to Spain, getting off the tube at Tottenham wasn’t what I would have wished for at the time, but it’s certainly a holiday that stayed with me. At that time we cycled a small distance each day, then camped, I can’t remember how long it took, but I do remember swimming in the canal and feeling shopping trollies and goodness knows what else under my feet.

Now, I often run along the tow paths either out towards Enfield on towards Hackney, and each morning get the train across them to my studio.


I saw the changes happening as the Olympic Park was being built and read that the boats were being asked to move and that changes to the laws of where you can moor and for how long.

I often wondered about the house boats and their occupants. It’s such an oasis there – you don’t feel like you’re in London.




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