New search for Ex Warner Residents

Myself and Lucy Harrison have received Arts Council to continue the Ex Warner project which we exhibited in 2014. This year we will be exhibiting at Vestry House Museum  in 2016.

The exhibition will feature new material, ephemera, photographs and oral histories.

If you know anyone who rented directly from the Warner’s or any elderly Warner residents, please get in touch

Whilst trawling the internet for mentions of any of the Warner Roads in Walthamstow or Leyton last year, I came across an incredible archive of photographs from a family that lived at 79 Seymour Road, London, E10. We are in touch with the family, who now live in the United States, and hope to be able to include the photographs in the exhibition and archive. There’s more information about this photograph on Ipernity and thanks very much to  Deborah Lundbech and family for getting in touch.

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