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Documenting Lowry Audiences

Centre Stage was a commission and exhibition from The Lowry, Salford.

Centre Stage was a commission and exhibition from The Lowry, Salford.

Katherine was commissioned to take a new group of portraits for the exhibition which capture the characters, stories and motivations that inspire the Lowry audiences to return to the theatres and galleries again and again. The Lowry has an amazing scheme where everyone within the Salford postcode could get a ticket for £5. This has resulted in an incredibly diverse audience and an audience who was willing to experience productions and genres that they were unfamiliar with. All participants spoke about the degree to which this enriched their lives. 

Subjects were photographed in their homes and lit as if on stage, reversing the role of audience member and performer.

The extended caption for the image, above, explains: “Now retired, Geoff has had many jobs over the years, including Organ Builder, remolded tyres, machining, and is now a full-time carer for his wife of 57 years. He says ‘I haven’t had a TV for 25 years. We come to the theatre as often as we can. My grandchildren come – they prefer the theatre to watching TV.'”

Exhibition dates & more info

Please see The Lowry’s website for more details.
26 January 2013 – 12 May 2013

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