Monthly:June 2017

Clifton, Combat Ju-jitsu

Combat Ju-jitsu is run weekly by charismatic martial arts expert Lucci Del-Gaudio. The sessions, at Highbank Community Centre, are split into child and adult classes, with the youngest attendee I met, being four. The parents I spoke to commented on how much the sport had helped with their children’s self-confidence and self-awareness.   Lucci himself has been practising martial arts for 30 years. He is a three times black belt and Martial Arts Hall of Fame winner; three times British […]

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Clifton, Bingo, The British Legion

The British Legion has been a constant central meeting point for Clifton Estate. The legion first began meeting in a wooden hut, until they raised money themselves to build the first permanent building in 1961. Since then, the old building has been extended; it now includes a large hall with a stage, and a couple of bars. They hold social groups, such as the Bingo group pictured here. Many of the people I met and photographed had been coming to […]

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Woman holding up hand weights

Clifton, KeepFit, Hope Centre

The Keep Fit class at the Hope Centre is led by Joanne, and included around 15 participants, the oldest being 95!

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Clifon, Beavers & Scouts

At one stage, there were up to 11 scout packs on Clifton Estate, and scouts was one of the first groups to be established when families first started moving here. Now, there is just the first Clifton pack which has amalgamated with around four others, the oldest being the 36th Clifton, which is 60 years old. This amalgamation can be seen on their multi-coloured striped neckties, each colour representing a different group. Staffed by volunteers, they run weekly session for […]

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Clifton, BadBoyz Boxing

BadBoyz Boxing Club is an amateur boxing club, run by Errol McDonald and Janet Vitti, in a gym that is built in the back garden of a residential home. The club has been run entirely on a voluntary basis since 2013. Last year they received funding from the Biffa Awards which allowed them to build a full-size ring in the space. The club focusses on training Juniors youths and seniors who have a desire to Box competitively.

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